Landscapes in the Lines

Wordsworth’s poetry has long been credited with generating interest in the natural beauty of England’s Lake District (now a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site) where he and his family made their home. This selection of materials highlights a long legacy of readers interacting with the landscape that enriched Wordsworth’s life and verse: from scientific literature, such as William Withering’s botanical study, to Carol Buchanan’s careful photographic survey of Wordsworth’s gardening and landscape design projects. We also include two versions of Wordsworth’s own Lake District guidebook. In this month of the poet's 250th birthday, these works allow us not only to appreciate the scenery that influenced his work but also to understand his impact on the continued popularity of the Lake District among tourists and devotees.

William Withering, An Arrangement of British Plants According to the Latest Improvements of the Linnaean System and an Introduction to the Study of Botany, 1796
Joseph Wilkinson, Select Views in Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire, 1810
Description of the Scenery of the Lakes in Northern England, 4th Edition, 1823
Wordsworth's Pastoral Poems, 1858
Carol Buchanan, Wordsworth's Gardens, 2001

This display case assembled by Chelsea McNeil, Kyler Merrill, and Shoshana Weaver.