Exhibition Catalog


“Surprised by Joy,” 1815 / 1820

A Letter to a Friend of Robert Burns, 1816

An Evening Walk (1793), with annotations from William Wordsworth, 1815

Description of the Scenery of the Lakes in Northern England, 4th Edition, 1823

Letters of the Wordsworth Family, 1907

Ode on Immortality and Lines on Tintern Abbey, 1885

Poems in Two Volumes, 1807

The Keepsake for 1829

The Love Letters of William and Mary Wordsworth, 1981

The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, 1879

The Prelude, Newly Edited from the Manuscripts and Fully Illustrated in Color, 2016

The Prelude, 1850

The Prose Works of William Wordsworth, 1876

The Recluse, 1888

Wordsworth’s Pastoral Poems, 1858

Wordsworth’s Poems for the Young, 1863

C. T. Winchester, Wordsworth: How to Know Him, 1916

Carol Buchanan, Wordsworth’s Gardens, 2001

Edward M. Rowe’s Collection of Photographs of William Wordsworth and his Homes and Haunts, 1874-1951

Joseph Wilkinson, Select Views in Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire, 1810

Lindop, A Literary Guide to the Lake District, 1993

The Rock of Names

William Withering, An Arrangement of British Plants According to the Latest Improvements of the Linnaean System and an Introduction to the Study of Botany, 1796