The Immortalization of William Wordsworth

The symbolic immortalization of Wordsworth began during his lifetime and has continued long after his death. From international tourism of his homes and haunts to the lasting impact of his writing on society, one would be hard-pressed to avoid encountering Wordsworth at some point.


In 2020, the world has come together to commemorate this founding figure of English Romanticism. The items in this case include Coleridge’s carving of Wordsworth's initials in stone, a Victorian anthology of his complete works, a biography, and examples of Wordsworthian merchandise. These few items are meant to represent the scope and magnitude of the public's admiration for all things Wordsworth. He lives on in material culture as well as through his documented memories and the artistic works that he has inspired in others.  While the romantic era may be long gone, the significant presence that Wordsworth has today proves that his themes and insights have remained relevant.

Letters of the Wordsworth Family, 1907
The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, 1879
Wordsworth's Poems for the Young, 1863
C. T. Winchester, Wordsworth: How to Know Him, 1916
Carol Buchanan, Wordsworth's Gardens, 2001
Edward M. Rowe's Collection of Photographs of William Wordsworth and his Homes and Haunts, 1874-1951
The Rock of Names

This display case assembled by Amanda Charles, Emily Wright, Hailey Kate Chatlin, and Noelle Conder.